We believe that everybody should have the opportunity to have a share in culture. The Create Place is our arts space. It is a launch pad for starting a creative project that benefits your community, and a space for people to be together, to share skills, to create, and to have fun.

We are home to dozens of monthly workshops, offering introductions to painting and drawing, woodwork, clothes making and repair, printing, embroidery and shoemaking. Our textile workshops often recycle fabrics donated to Ayoka, and we offer free art materials and craft equipment as well as a comfortable space away from the burdens of ordinary life.

These sessions are facilitated by people in our local community, and we see many of them as a route to wellbeing, putting individual expression at the core. We have supported many community groups to self-organise their own projects, and we work with many local partners, including the U3A, BPCA, Praxis, the Zacharias Project, the School of Advanced Studies, Phytology, Queen Mary University, IMT Gallery, and others.

We have supported social enterprises like Juta Shoes and Woodwork for Wellbeing to launch and expand their work with communities, and have mentored dozens of artists with socially engaged practices to make meaningful, sustainable work with the community.

Our upstairs studio is host to our artist in residence, currently Ayesha Tan Jones.

The Create Place is a non-profit venture and we are proud to offer a space where people can come together in a relaxed environment – some come to learn a skill, but everybody stays for the friendly welcome and homely atmosphere.

Get involved

If you have an idea for a new project, workshop series, pop up shop or exhibition, we would love to hear from you. We rent the workshop by the hour at the following rates:

Community/emerging maker rate: £5 p/h weekdays until 5pm; £10 p/h evenings and weekends.

Business rate: £ 10 p/h weekdays until 5pm; £ 15 p/h evenings and weekends.

If you plan a workshop that will be FREE for the community to attend , depending on the theme and structure, the hire charge might not apply.




9:00AM - 9:00PM