Our Wellbeing Team

Our studio and hall are home to over 30 teachers who dedicate their time to promote well being and to share their skills and knowledge with the community. 



Amanda has been teaching yoga for over 20 years in Hackney and Tower Hamlets. She's taught in prisons, hospitals, schools, children's centres and of course, plain, old, draughty church halls. She trained in the Iyengar style originally, and then took her experience into the world of pregnancy and post-natal yoga, which she's found hugely rewarding and enjoyable.

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Amy has been practising yoga for over 15 years, trained to teach in 2014 and has completed further training including Restorative and Pregnancy Yoga. She has a desire to make yoga accessible to all, to encourage people to explore the physical postures as a way to take moment out of your day to just exhale and let go.  You can contact her by email or on 07966 886048



Anna is a Hatha Yoga instructor, and Alexander Technique teacher. She was always interested in the structure of the body and the way it moves and functions, and her teaching plays with those ideas. Her lessons aim to increase understanding of the body and self awareness; provide space for change and improve general well-being by reeducating body and mind. You can contact her by email or on her website.


Annalisa  has been a practising complementary therapist for the past five years. Her  focus as a therapist is to make bodywork therapy an accessible part of a client’s normal routine, without compromising on the quality and effectiveness of each treatment, working with each client to address their needs and work towards the long term goal of balance in mind and body.  Get in touch via email.

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Cécile is a certified instructor of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain trained in the Yang Family-13 Movements-5 Elements Tai Chi Qi Gong under the teachings of the Universal Healing Tao. Get in touch on Facebook  or Meetup.




Dorcas began practising yoga when she was 11. 

For the past 5 years yoga has been am intrinsic part of her life. Her Asana practice has allowed her to  reconnect with her breath, body and heart. She endeavour to help others to find their connection.  Get in touch on her website or Facebook.




James fell for yoga in 2005 after one sweaty night in Kentish Town, when he realised that there was more to yoga than contortions and lycra.  He graduated from the Triyoga teacher training programme  and is a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher. Teaching with a friendly, down-to-earth approach, his intention is to leave students feeling centred, relaxed and uplifted.


Nicola has been practising yoga for the past 14 years and teaching for almost 6 years. Nicola’s own personal journey has taken her from the depths of anxiety, depression and addiction to a healing place of peace, harmony and joy. Therefore she shares her knowledge of the science, art and philosophy of yoga and her classes are fun and relaxed yet mentally engaging and physically rewarding.

Thania tympanari


Thania  first found Yoga through dance at 2000 in Athens. After the first class she felt the freedom, that had never found in any physical exercise before. The Flow classes she teaches are influenced from Dance, Martial Arts, Swimming, Alexander Technique and Ayurveda! You will think how can you put all of these together in just one Vinyasa class! Well you can! With lots of love and understanding for the individual, always moving forward with attention and intention.  Find out more on her website , on Facebook , Twitter or via email .



Annie began her love of yoga over four years ago when she began to work with her body to process a tragedy, because her mind could not make sense of it.  She found a new way of being through yoga. Annie teaches the early morning Ashtanga Vinyasa five times a week. It’s the best time to practise, the belly is empty, the world is quiet, and you can clear the way for the day.

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Chrissie started dancing in her teens and quickly fell in love. She fell into teaching by accident but found she perhaps loved inspiring students even more than dancing herself. She  discovered Ballet Fitness workouts on one of her many adventures and hasn't looked back. She loves how graceful it makes people feel, and thinks it's the perfect workout for all ages. 



When she first started practising yoga in 2009, Flavia was surprised by the sense of lightness and well being she felt at the end of the class. Life seemed a little easier after yoga and her stressful working demands felt more manageable. She has been teaching since 2014 and she's a British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals registered teacher . Find out more on her website , on Facebook or Twitter.


Rebecca lived and worked in Japan for two years deepening her understanding of ‘Shintaido’ and becoming an instructor.  Now her main focus is Yoga and after practising both Bikram, and Hatha Yoga for the past fifteen years she has become a qualified teacher with YMCA Yoga Professionals. She believes Yoga is for everyone not just the bendy and beautiful. Find out more about her on Twitter, Instagram or via email.



Xenia's yoga journey began 17 years ago and thrives on continuous education from a variety of Yoga disciplines. With a background in Ayurveda, physical theatre, dancing, Butoh and sports, she deepened my practice in body and mind awareness. Her technique is rooted in Vinyasa tradition with the influence of the Ayurvedic health system. Find out more about her on her website, on Facebook or via email.


Charlotte is an accredited Yoga Alliance and Anusara Elements teacher with 16 years experience studying and practising in the UK, Bali, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. She has experience in Anusara, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Embodied Flow and Inner Axis methods as well as additional training in working with injuries.  Her classes are alignment based with a focus on mindful movement , ideal for all levels of experience. Whether an absolute beginner or a 'seasoned' yogi , she will lead you in a heart felt practice to support and challenge you.


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Yoga has offered her the tools to reconnect to her mind, body, offering her strength physically and mentally and allowing her space to breathe. Her Vinyasa Flow classes are for all levels with focus on fun flows, strength, alignment, balance, relaxation and THE BREATH!




After three years of regular and dedicated practice later, Denrele  finally decided to become a yoga teacher and was promptly accepted as a full scholarship student with The Yoga People, training in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket yoga. She graduated in December 2015 and is now a full time yoga and meditation teacher. Get in touch via email .


Through mindfulness, meditation and yoga Francesca wishes to guide each kid she encounters onto a journey to meet their inner strength and grow the skills to face life challenges. In 2016 she trained as a Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher with the Special Yoga Foundation and she is continuing her training to specialise in working with kids with special needs and bring mindfulness training to teachers in schools as part of a NHS project.


Lucy is a Hatha Vinyasa yoga teacher trained and certified in Kerala, India. She gravitates towards Bhakti yoga and her classes include disciplines of pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and yoga postures. Her intention is to help people align more with who they truly are by tapping into the ancient wisdom of yoga. Get in touch via email or facebook.



Sarah has been practising yoga for over ten years and lives a yogic lifestyle.  Her classes always involve smiles, laughter and fun, and will leave you ready to take on the day. They are a full body and mind workout. Find her on Instagram.