Annie began her love of yoga over four years ago. She was enjoying rock climbing, kick boxing, sea swimming, archery and other sports, which she did to raise money for Marie Curie.

Initially Annie worked as a designer and artist, but she began to work with her body to process a tragedy, because her mind could not make sense of it. She found a new way of being through yoga.

Annie trained slowly and achieved her 500 hour certificate with Yoga London, initially to deepen her understanding of the practise, but she found she loved sharing the transformative nature that is yoga, so she began to teach.

Annie opened a studio called Gogoyoga where many styles of yoga were taught and she taught kids yoga, having trained with Yoga Bananas, which is a positive, fun and creative practice, involving the kids with storytelling, and interactive personal problem solving.

Annie also taught the early morning Ashtanga Vinyasa five times a week. It’s the best time to practise, the belly is empty, the world is quiet, and you can clear the way for the day.

Yoga is transformative. There is no barrier to age, creed, colour, gender, size. It brings together the body, the emotions, the patterns of our being, undoes the knots, connects us to our breath, energy, and souls (if you will).




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Studio opens 20 minutes before classes. 

Classes are also held in the hall at 21 Old Ford Road.