Ayoka is staffed almost exclusively by volunteers. We rely on them to make sure the shop doesn't descend into a jumble of clothes and shoes, with an explosion of books and records on the side.

There are a number of advantages to volunteering with us. Aside from the warm glow of knowing you're helping out your local community, we can help you develop both specific and transferable skills. Ayoka is a flexible environment because like its sister venture The Create Place and its presiding matriarch St. Margaret's House, it is held together through the collective interests of other people.

If you decide to come and help us, here are some of the tasks you'll be expected to do:

  • Handle money
  • Organise stock
  • Keep the shop tidy
  • Interact well with customers
  • Merchandise and create exciting window displays

These are some of the things we can help you improve on:

  • Organisation
  • The ability to prioritise tasks
  • Choosing the products that best fit the Ayoka brand (from the mountain of generous donations) as any buyer from a larger retailer would
  • How to maximise space
  • Business acumen i.e. selling, merchandising, promotion

Ayoka flourishes through the support and enthusiasm of its volunteers, so if there's one area you especially feel you could help with, or are simply looking to get some experience, get in touch with us,



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