About Ayoka

Ayoka is St Margaret’s House charity boutique and can be found just next door  at 23 Old Ford Road.

A treasure trove, full to the brim with secondhand delights, it's a great place to get your hands on cheap as chips designer and vintage clothes, homewares, antiques, DVDs, CDs and books.


The shop is run completely on donations from the Bethnal Green community and all funds raised from the sales we make go straight back into our work at St Margaret’s House. We now also have our very own Ebay shop, where we put items up for auction that we might not have space for in the shop, so if you don’t fancy heading over to see what’s filling our rails, you can catch us online.

Ayoka would not operate without the dedication and support of our volunteers. They’re the reason we’re able to open seven days a week and are a huge part of why our customers keep coming back again and again. If you’d like to volunteer at Ayoka you can find out more information here.



Did you know that the fashion industry is the world’s second largest polluter after the oil industry? Secondhand shopping plays an important part in tackling the never ending waste that is left behind from fast fashion and because not everyone can afford to splash out on ethical clothing lines, charity shops, such as our wonderful Ayoka, offer everyone a chance to shop responsibly, whilst still looking great for less. 



Monday - Saturday

10AM - 6PM


 10AM - 4PM

23 Old Ford Road, 
Bethnal Green,

London , E2 9PJ