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I have been a practising complementary therapist for the past five years and am a firm believer in the importance of wellbeing therapies in optimising the quality of life. Everyday stress can weigh heavily on both the body and mind - easing this stress can have a profound effect on our ability to simply enjoy life and function as the best version of ourselves.

My focus as a therapist is to make bodywork therapy an accessible part of a client’s normal routine -rather than an occasional luxury- without compromising on the quality and effectiveness of each therapeutic treatment, working with each client to address their individual needs and work towards the long term goal of balance in mind and body.

I am fully qualified,insured and a member of the Complementary Therapists Association and I have extensive experience in both on site and clinic based massage treatments. I pride myself on the positive feedback I continually receive from my clients, however I am always striving to improve my practice and regularly take professional development courses to continue broadening my skill set and experience and to grow as a therapist and pass the benefit of my experience on to my clients.


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